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Ofcom Asks ISPs for Clarity on Broadband Speeds

Ofcom, telecom regulators in UK, told internet service providers (ISPs) that they should provide clarity to their customers in regards to broadband speeds they can expect. This means the subscribers must be informed about the average broadband speeds they are likely to get actually rather than what the package offered by ISPs promise.

The subscribers should also receive understandable information regarding whether ISPs might restrict speeds or services during any time of the day and if some apps were blocked by the ISPs, demanded Ofcom.

Ofcom also warned that in case of denial to comply with these requirements the regulators will employ their legal powers to compel the ISPs. The legal powers of Ofcom are based on European Union's legislation for promotion of "net neutrality", reported The Telegraph.

The reason behind all these measures is the "traffic management" about which the regulator's is saying that, "In general it is beneficial, and is used for example to protect safety-critical traffic such as calls to the emergency services. But it can cause concern, if for example it is used by ISPs to target competing services, in a manner which is not visible to consumers."

Ofcom is expecting that the operators will act immediately on these requirements and it will be keeping a "close eye on the future developments".