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Ofcom Survey: Orange and O2 Best Mobile Phone Providers in UK

A new survey by Ofcom shows that Orange and O2 are the most popular providers of mobile networks in the UK. According to the survey, this is because network connectivity and fast mobile broadband have become very important for mobile workers and consumers.

Both operators received 72 percent satisfaction score from 3,000 mobile subscribers who participated in the survey. In the survey, only 10 percent subscribers said they were not satisfied and 18 percent said their opinion is neutral.

T-mobile, Orange's partner in Everything Everywhere, received 12 percent voting in dissatisfaction meter, Vodafone ranked fourth with 66 percent satisfaction rate and 14 percent rate of dissatisfaction. Three network came in last with only a 60 percent satisfaction rate, as reported (opens in new tab)by

On the other hand, Broadband companies fared far worse than mobile network providers. In the dissatisfaction category, Virgin Media received 19 percent of the market with only 57 percent of subscribers saying they are satisfied.

Ofcom's consumer group director, Claudio Pollack said, "Ofcom hopes this research will both incentivise providers to improve all aspects of their customer service, as well as give consumers valuable information about the standards of customer service when choosing a provider."