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More Problems With iOS 5 Update, iPhone Users Losing Wi-Fi Connectivity

Without wishing to worry already annoyed iPhone 4S users any further, after battery and SIM card issues, there are reports of yet another problem arising as a result of the recent iOS 5 update.

Apparently, a number of users reported that after they had installed Apple's latest OS update, they noticed poor Wi-Fi performance on their iDevices, or in the worst cases, the Wi-Fi connection stopped altogether, KnowYourMobile reports.

Posts on Apple's official support forum seem to indicate that the early problems with devices losing Wi-Fi capability appeared ever since the users updated to iOS 5, though the 5.0.1 update didn't resolve things either. Some are complaining about intermittent connectivity or a low signal.

One user tried to get rid of the problem by reverting his device back to iOS 4.3 which succeeded in solving the Wi-Fi connectivity issue. After reinstalling iOS 5 again, the problem once again came back.

This time, the problem is not limited to the iPhone 4S, but affects many types of devices including the iPad, iPhone 4 and iPhone 3G to various degrees. Oddly enough, the iPad 2 doesn't seem to be affected by the problem, which leads to questions about Apple's different approaches to the compatibility between hardware and software.

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