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Sony P Tablet Now Available in the UK

Sony has launched its Sony P tablet device in the UK, at a higher rate than the Apple iPad.

The Tablet P has a clamshell design, featuring two 5.5 inch touch screens. The device runs on the Android Honeycomb version 3.2 and is powered by the dual-core Tegra 2 processor, as reported by SlashGear.

Unfortunately, the device runs on an older version of Android while Google has already launched Ice Cream Sandwich, which is meant for both Android smartphones and tablets.

Another unfortunate aspect is the price, as the tablet is priced at £499, a hundred pounds less than the entry level Wi-Fi only iPad that Apple offers.

That said, the tablet's dual screen can easily allow users to read ebooks. The tablet also comes with PlayStation certification, which will allow users to play PS games. The lower screen can be used as a controller while the game is playing on the screen above.

The Tablet P also comes with a back facing 5MP camera and a VGA front camera and 4GB of storage. The device is available from consumer electronics retailer Dixons.