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UK Government and Private Industry Team Up to Combat Cyber Crime

As a part of a new cyber security strategy, private industries will get access to some secret technologies developed by GCHQ, a huge eavesdropping center set up by the UK government.

This idea may turn out to be a little controversial for the government and force them to pay a substantial amount for various software developed by intelligence agency which is based in Cheltenham.

The government believes opening up the GCHQ for commercial opportunities will not hamper in defending security of the nation.

Besides, the new cyber strategy clarifies that to face the dangers posted by espionage and cyber crime both sectors must co-operate and work together, as reported (opens in new tab) by The Guardian.

Francis Maude, the minister for cyber security said, "Closer partnership between the public and private sector is crucial. The strategy heralds a new era of unprecedented co-operation between the government and industry on cyber security..."

According to the proposal released on Friday, the government will spend about £650 million which they set aside for cyber security in 2010's "Strategic Defence and Security Review. "In fact, GCHQ's funds will also be increased. The Ministry of Defence will benefit from this as well.