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WinOnX Lets Windows Applications Run on Mac OS X

NES Software has dished out a new software tool which is capable of running Windows based applications on Mac OS X without using virtualisation.

WinOnX has been designed to provide fast and affordable access to Windows software, like certain business and productivity tools, which are not available for Mac OS X, to Apple users.

The application, which is now available from the Mac App Store, is based on the Wine open source project, making it capable of running Windows applications on Unix and Linux.

As Apple's Mac OS X is based on the Nextstep version of BSD Unix, the company was easily able to import Wine to the platform, The Inquirer explains.

NES said that the software tool was a great and cheap replacement for virtualisation tools, which require users to purchase a separate license for running Windows operating system on a virtualised environment.

The company said that the tool was available for $4.99 or £3.15 from the Mac App Store, making it a lot more affordable than purchasing a Windows license.

"For many, WinOnX is the only easy-to-use alternative to pricey Windows licences and virtualisation programs. And as our list of compatible Windows applications continues to expand, WinOnX becomes an increasingly attractive alternative for the average Mac user," said NES Software CEO Hisham El-Emam.