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8GB Brazilian iPhone 4 Sneaks into the Market

According to a couple of leaked photos published by AppleInsider (opens in new tab), an 8GB iPhone 4 produced by Foxconn in Brazil and tagged with a localised model number, has managed to find its way into consumers' hands.

Theoretically, the 8GB model of iPhone 4 should not go on sale until the release of iPhone 4S on the Brazilian market. However, leaked pictures that surfaced on the internet seem to point at it already being on the scene.

The reader who sent these photos also claimed that the 8GB iPhone 4 came with iOS 5 already installed. The pictures allegedly show an 8GB iPhone 4 that has on the back the words "Brazilian Industry" in Portuguese, and a mark of approval from the country's telecommunications agency, ANATEL.

The model number ends with BR, which could indicate that this iPhone was made in Brazil. This incident confirms information from last month related to documentation on iPhone 4 leaked from Foxconn's facilities in Brazil.

Foxconn announced early this year that it plans to build a $12 billion manufacturing complex but, according to reports in September the negotiations had stalled. At the time, Foxconn officials pointed out that the Brazilian infrastructure isn't ready for such facilities while the labour pool is shallow and couldn't support Foxconn's needs. Brazilian officials, meanwhile, claimed that Foxconn's demands were outrageous.

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