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Google Places Ads for New Chromebook on Chrome Web Browser

Google has started displaying advertisements on its Chrome web browser.

According to an article (opens in new tab)on Cnet, the Android maker now has a new medium in its vast online advertisement empire that accounts for a significant portion of its revenue.

The ads started appearing on the new-tab page on the Chrome web browser, which is soon expected to surpass Firefox as the second most popular web browser in the world.

As of now, the ads promote Google's own Chrome OS based Chromebook netbook device. Chrome OS is based on a cloud based version of Chrome, with a philosophy that most computing is done on the web, instead of physical computing environments.

The in-browser ads don't intrude on the web browsing experience and don't compete with regular ads on the web pages. The placement of the ads is important because the new-tab page is gaining popularity among users because it has Chrome web apps and is home to the Chrome Web Store.

Google has big plans for the Chrome web browser. Apart from advertising, the company also plans to new introduce features in January, in the form of native support for game pads, microphones, webcams, and real-time web communications standard webRTC.