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Highest iPhone 4S Price So Far in India

Some fortunate (or wealthy) Apple fans in India will be able to get their hands on the latest iPhone starting this Friday, though the price will be prohibitive for the vast majority of people in the country.

Usually Indian carriers don't offer subsidised prices for smartphones and the iPhone 4S will be no exception, Reuters (opens in new tab) reports. Airtel and Aircel will bring Apple's latest handset to their customers at a price considerably higher than the retail prices in the US and Europe.

Indian customers looking to purchase iPhone 4S from the two carriers will see that the 16 GB model is selling for 44,500 rupees (about $850), the 32 GB version for 50,900 rupees (about $975) and the 64 GB model is available for 57,500 rupees (about $1100). iPhone 4S becomes now the most expensive Apple gadget, surpassing even iPad 2, which sells for a starting price of 27,900 rupees up to 46,900 for the 64 GB 3G version (which is around $900).

Media reports have highlighted the obvious discontent at the sky-high prices that make the most anticipated smartphone of the season an exclusive, luxury item. However, there are many extremely wealthy Indians who will be interested in Apple's latest iPhone not only as an exquisite piece of technology, but also because it is such an iconic brand, with the price making it a symbol of success and prosperity.

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