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IPCom Will Move to Get HTC Smartphones Banned in Germany

IPCom has announced its plans of getting HTC smartphones banned from sales in Germany.

The company had filed a lawsuit against the Taiwanese smartphone maker in Germany, claiming that the company's 3G devices infringed on one of its patents related to user priority assignment protocol.

IPCom had gotten a positive result out of the lawsuit after which HTC filed an appeal against it. However, in a bizarre move, HTC withdrew the appeal, which was due to be heard next week, claiming that it was not sure of the outcome of the appeal, The Inquirer reports.

After HTC's shocking move, IPCom has decided to go all out following the ruling and ban HTC from selling smartphones in Germany.

"Apparently, HTC has accepted it had no realistic chance of winning this case - the courts have clearly established that HTC has been infringing our patents and now given us the means to put a stop to it," said Bernhard Frohwitter, managing director of IPCom.

"Since HTC has never to come up with an offer that adequately reflects the value of these patents, IPCom has been left with no choice - we will use the right awarded by the courts, likely resulting in HTC devices disappearing from shops during the crucial Christmas season." he said.