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Ofcom: 22% Virgin Media Landline Subscribers Dissatisfied

Ofcom, the telecom regulator in UK, recently said that a research on landline providers proved that 22 percent Virgin Media customers are dissatisfied with the services provided to them taking Virgin Media to the bottom of the list in customer satisfaction.

In the same survey, Ofcom also questioned subscribers of fixed broadband providers, providers of mobile phone and also paid for TV services. The purpose of this survey was to improve consumers' access to information so that they are better informed while making purchasing decisions.

The survey, revealed that "overall customer service satisfaction" was lower for fixed broadband as well as landline markets which is 58 percent and 61 percent respectively and on the other hand this figure for "paid for TV" is 68 percent and for mobile 69 percent.

On landline services, customers of Sky were the most satisfied with 74 percent subscribers voted for it. BT ranked second with 63 percent, TalkTalk received 59 percent and finally Virgin Media just received 53 percent subscribers' satisfaction. 25 percent stated that they are neutral, reported The Press Association.

On the other hand, for broadband services of Sky, 64 percent subscribers said they are satisfied. In this category Orange came second with 59 percent voting positively, Virgin Media and BT joined together in the third place with 57 percent and TalkTalk/Tiscali came last with 55 percent.