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Apple Enhances Apple Store Experience with New App

Apple, known for developing and embracing various new and useful technologies, recently adopted an app to find the exact location of Apple Store shoppers who need help.

Apple Store employees armed with iPod Touch devices are currently using this app. This latest in-store assistance allows customers checking out a product to punch a button located on an iPad next to the display to summon an employee for assistance.

What makes this application more attractive is that when a customer makes a purchase using the Apple Store App on their smartphone, they can simply walk into the store and indicate they are there to pick up a purchase.

Store employees with bring out the items for the customers. This saves time waiting in line or waiting for an available store employee, as reported by Slash Gear.

For the busy holiday season, this new app may save customers time and allow for a more pleasant shopping experience. When visiting an Apple Store, customers never really know what to expect in terms of innovative customer service, which is all part of the fun.