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Become a Windows Phone Evangelist and Get Rewarded Says Microsoft

Software giant Microsoft is planning to launch a new app on the Windows Phone 7.5 platform, which will allow users to show off their Windows Phone experience and win prizes for it.

According to Electric Pig, Microsoft has come up with a radical new marketing campaign to promote its platform among the masses.

The Into by Windows Phone app will allow existing users to set-up three Windows Phone feature demo for their friends to try out and experience. The demo features will include People Hub, Groups, and photo tagging.

Users will get points based on the number of demos they have given, which will be maintained on a leaderboard. In order to encourage users to become full-time Windows Phone evangelists, the company is offering gifts based on the points they receive.

"Doing those demoes, you will accrue points and add up in the app," Microsoft head of consumer marketing for Windows Phone, Nick Hedderman, told Electricpig.

"You'll be entered into a leaderboard on a monthly basis and for the program overall since it started. The people at the top of the leaderboard will win prizes. We're going to be giving out devices, the Nokia Lumia devices, Xboxes. You can win a trip to Finland, win a Nokia Lumia for your guest, lots of different things." he explained.