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EU to Implement Strict Guidelines for Online Advertising and User Privacy

Technology trade groups representing some of the biggest names in the industry including Microsoft and Google, have warned the European Union about the strict privacy rules it is planning to implement, claiming that it will harm innovation.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on Business Week, 11 industry groups have written to the EU asking it to reconsider its policies. These trade groups include Business Software Alliance and IAB Europe.

"Overly strict, static and bureaucratic data-protection rules will have a detrimental impact on Europe's economy," the groups told the EU. The companies have asked the EU to reach the right balance of protecting user privacy and the continued free flow of information at the same time.

Starting in January, the EU is planning to introduce new laws that would make it mandatory for websites, including social media platforms, to ask user permission before tracking their online activities or bombarding them with targeted as based on data collected.

The new laws will also give users greater control over the data they share on the web and hard delete it anytime they want. The European Commission singled out Facebook for tracking user data for ads and storing data that users have deleted from their profiles.