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European Commission to Review Google's Bid for Motorola

Through its official website,the European Commission, on Monday, disclosed that Google is trying to seek European Union's regulatory clearance for the planned acquisition of handset maker Motorola Mobility Holdings.

In August, Google revealed its $ 12.5 billion deal for boosting their patent portfolio which was seen as a defensive act against rivals like Apple.

On 10th December the commission will make a decision regarding whether this deal should be cleared or not; this was notified last Friday to the regulator, the Commission's website displayed, as reported by Reuters.

The proposal for the takeover has so far only been assessed by US Department of Justice. In fact, after receiving various complaints from a number of smaller rivals, the EU Commission is investigating the business practices of Google.

In fact, this new tie up between Google and Motorola Mobility Holdings has more manufacturing developments including Google's software division and the continued development of the Android mobile operating system, whereas Motorola Mobility will be developing various hardware for Google.

Google, however,recently revealed that the acquisition will be treated as a third-party maker of the smartphone, instead of subsidiary company.