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IBM Wants Digital Documents to Degrade, Files for 'Aging File System' Patent

According to IBM there is a notable disadvantage of digital documents. The uncorrupted data stays same as long as that exists. However, now there is an idea to change it.

This new invention is referred as "aging file system" which stimulates a process of natural aging for whose documents which are printed on paper, for example, this procedure can be automatically applied on .jpg, .doc or even .gif types of files as well as a filing states of patent.

IBM believes that there is a need of a new type of filing system which can "automatically and selectively age files contained therein such that the files themselves are caused to age with time and are not maintained in their originally stored state."

IBM further commented "there is a need to provide such an aging function to apply automatically to all files stored on the filing system without requiring a continuing user monitoring effort." reported Tom's Hardware Guide.

IBM seems to be very serious about this new innovation that might turn out to be a revolution for the data as well as documents saved on systems.Having a patent is one thing, a practical solution for a patent another!