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iPhone and iPad Account for 10% Online Retail Traffic

According to a cloud-based analytics report from IBM published over the weekend, following the Black Friday shopping frenzy, Apple's iPhone and iPad emerged as the leaders of online retail traffic.

The analysis shows (opens in new tab) that consumers' approach towards shopping on the day with the most discounts has certainly changed since last year. Online sales increased by 24.3% compared to 2010 and the number of purchases made from mobile devices increased by 200% (from 3.2% last year to 9.8% this Black Friday).

Apple fans were the most enthusiastic bargain seekers this year, as iPhones and iPads led the way for mobile devices with 5.4% and 4.8% respectively of overall web traffic looking to find the perfect deal. Android devices managed to take third place, accounting for 4.1% of online retail traffic on Black Friday.

The chatter over Social Media also increased significantly this year, by 110% compared to 2010, with Facebook generating 75 percent of all traffic from this sector.

John Squire, Chief Strategy Officer, IBM Smarter Commerce, noted that on Black Friday "the big winners were those retailers that delivered a smarter commerce experience with compelling, relevant deals that people could easily access from their channel of choice."

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