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iPhone Owners are Most Loyal, Android Users More Likely to Play the Field

According to some new research 84% of iPhone owners will buy another Apple handset when they need an upgrade, whereas Android smartphone owners are far more likely to be unfaithful (to their phone, that is).

The study by market watcher GfK (opens in new tab) relies on answers provided by 4,500 mobile phone owners from Europe, the US, Brazil, China and Japan. The level of loyalty from Apple fans surpasses the devotion to the Android platform or any other mobile OS on the market.

Only 60% Android users declared they would stick to the same platform when the time comes to change their mobile phones. For Research in Motion, the situation is even grimmer as BlackBerry's reputation declines on the market, with about 48% of BlackBerry owners intending to remain faithful to the brand in the future.

The study revealed that the majority of consumers are conservative and they would prefer to purchase a phone from the same brand with improved features, rather than having to learn the ins and outs of a completely new phone or operating system.

The average percentage of those opting to stand by their phone is 63%. This is one of the reasons why building a strong brand is a top priority for the main players on this market, and newcomers often have a hard time penetrating the market. Apple seems to be leading the way in this respect.

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