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Linux Mint 12 Lisa Released, Available for Download

The widely popular Linux distribution which is built on Ubuntu, Linux Mint, recently released their newest version. The latest version is the biggest ever departure from Ubuntu.

Till the version Linux Mint 10 the operating system was not much different from the parent operating system (Ubuntu), but as soon as Ubuntu changed itself to Unity desktop with the version Ubuntu 11.04 Linux Mint also chose a different path and got hooked to Gnome 2.

Soon after Gnome 3 got released Linux Mint was forced to make another move. Thus, the developers decided to handle this situation on their own and decided to adapt Gnome according to their needs rather than asking users to change to the new paradigm.

As a result of this Linux Mint 12 now has few new extensions for Gnome 3 shell which abridge the `distance between Gnome 2 and the new Gnome 3 interfaces.

There are a number of new features in the Linux Mint 12, for example, DucDuckGo search engine instead of Google and Bing search, reported Digit.

The growing popularity of Linux Mint will turn very beneficial for the operating system and will definitely be liked by users as well. The latest version can be downloaded from here.