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MoDaCo Releases Patch to Fix Volume Fluctuation Issue on Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Since Samsung and Google have not yet launched a fix for the volume flaw in Galaxy Nexus, the Android modifying community is addressing this issue themselves.

A patch by MoDaCo has been officially released for addressing the volume fluctuation issue when the 2G 900MHz band is in use. The patch was released even before Samsung and Google had a chance to address the issue.

At present, Samsung's fix is not clear and if retailers are to be believed, then the company already recalled shipments of Samsung Galaxy Nexus. The company wants to replace those versions with the fixed version, reports Slash Gear.

The volume fluctuation may point to faulty software or a flaw in the hardware which can be addressed by any software patch. However, at present both Samsung and Google have not said anything beyond the fact that they are working on the patch.

The latest fix instructs the user to unlock the bootloader of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus and after then follow a few easy steps for complete the process. However, the process will completely wipe out the galaxy Nexus.