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Old Version of Asus Transformer Receives ICS Upgrade

Developers have managed to install the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich on the older Asus Transformer, even as the world waits for the launch of Asus Transformer Prime.

According to an article on Phandroid, with the Ice Cream Sandwich source code released for everyone to use, developers are tinkering with the old Asus tablet.

Asus is expected to bring Ice Cream Sandwich to Transformer, but only after the Prime is launched and is up and running with the new Android OS.

The current ICS build on Transformer, which is still popular in its own right, is a bit slow and buggy; the sound not working properly. However, as the foundation has been laid, the OS is going to better and better as the development work continues.

Meanwhile, Nvidia recently released a video showing the Transformer Prime tablet running on the ICS. The Prime is the fastest tablet to be launched, running the quad-core Tegra 3 processor from Nvidia.

The tablet will be released with Android Honeycomb as of now, but the demo proves that it will be able to run on ICS when the OS upgrade is launched.