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Oracle Study Provides Insights into Energy Saving Smart Grids

Oracle recently published a report that highlights the issue of smart electricity for meeting emissions targets. Additional research, provided by Future Laboratory, highlights the trends and methods which will make smart grids and other forms of smart energy more fruitful.

Experts from the Middle East, Europe and Africa (EMEA) were recruited by Future Laboratory to provide suggestions for how 2050 carbon emission targets can be reached through political leadership, commercial investment, and consumer engagement. These experts will continue toshare individual views on the role that technology will play to achieve a future with smart energy.

The report further stated that smart grids can integrate clean technologies such as wind and solar energy to hit carbon reduction targets, as reported (opens in new tab) by Smart Meters.

There are various technology areas that have a critical role to play such as providing reliable electricity supplies, use of advanced demand-side management tools for encouraging load-shifting away during peak demand period, and the implementation of smart information systems that are capable of responding in near real-time for enabling dynamic pricing.

Preparing consumer data and setting energy rates which are immediately available to encourage the "development of new business models" is included in the report.