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Samsung To Stop Producing Netbooks?

Samsung is rumoured to be contemplating giving up on netbooks altogether and focusing on the more lucrative and more expensive ultraportables.

According to an email received by French website Blogeee, Samsung sent an email to its resellers in France saying that it wouldn't produce any new netbooks for Q1 2012.

Instead Samsung will push up production of the 11.6 and 12.1-inch ultraportables which will push the average selling price of the products up and hopefully, profits as well.

The translated email reads: "Following the introduction of our new strategy in 2012, we will discontinue our 10.1-inch (netbook) product range in Q1 2012, in favour of ultraportables (11.6 and 12 inches) and ultrabooks to be launched in 2012."

2012 will also be the year when Microsoft launches Windows 8 for ARM which is likely to power a new breed of ARM-based Netbooks which promise to be faster, cheaper, lighter and have a longer battery life.

Samsung exiting the Netbook arena could herald an exodus of other manufacturers as well, like Asus and Acer; a move that could hit Intel and the Atom processor range at a time when the semiconductor giant is beefing up its line.

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