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Senior Executive at Cisco Condems HP for Lawsuits Against Former Employees

A senior executive at Cisco has asked Hewlett Packard to stop filing lawsuits against employees who simply want to change their jobs.

In a blog post (opens in new tab), Cisco's chief legal officer Mark Chandler blasted HP for pressuring employees with lawsuits simply because they want to work for a rival company.

Chandler said that in the past two years, HP has filed three lawsuits to stop former employees from joining Cisco. He also informed that HP filed a lawsuit against an employee six months after the employee had left the company due to workforce reductions.

"As headhunters and other companies are flooded with resumes from HP employees seeking safe ground amidst the chaos of executive turnover, we can probably expect to see more desperate moves to lock up human capital," Chandler wrote.

"In an unhappy work environment, it's a strange decision to try to achieve employee retention by litigation. And it can't help recruitment efforts when it seems the corporate slogan could be changed from "HP Invent" to "HP Sue," he continued.

Chandler also argued that HP's policies were having a negative impact on the company itself; creating a tense working environment. HP is restricting the freedom of its employees who have the right to work at a place which suites them best, he added.