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Skype, UK Mobile Operators to Hold Talks Over Internet Calling

After British telecom regulator Ofcom indicated that they might intervene, Skype will start negotiations with various mobile phone operators in Britain that are keeping the Skype based internet calls away from their networks.

Skype Technologies that is based out of Luxembourg is the most popular and widely used Web calling service globally. A year ago Skype complained to the telecom regulator that their services are impeded on a regular basis by mobile operators in UK.

Last week, Ofcom commented that restricting Skype's services hampers in the process of innovation and they might take some action if the blocking remains effective.

In an interview over the telephone, Jean-Jacques Sahel, head of European regulatory affairs at Skype said, "You would expect us to be more impatient than Ofcom."

Sahel added, "In Europe, there's still a huge amount of restrictions", reported Business Week. On the other hand, leading U.S. mobile-phone operators do not block Skype.

Sahel said, "To have that extra hint from Ofcom is helpful and should allow us to continue the dialog."

Last month, Microsoft corp. completed the $8.5 billion acquisition of Skype Technologies and the software developing giant is planning to incorporate its services in the Windows Phone products to give stiff competition to Google and Apple.