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UK Government to Change Computer Science Curriculum in Schools

The UK government has promised to revolutionise the manner in which computer science is taught in British schools.

According to an article on BBC News, the government criticised the manner in which IT was taught in schools and vowed to bring sweeping changes to the curriculum, keeping it in line with the technical needs of the industry.

The government's announcement comes on the heals of a report in which the IT industry asked the government to change computer science classes in schools across the country.

The report warns that if necessary steps were not taken then the future IT workers would lack the skills required from them, thus negatively impacting UK's video and visual arts industry.

The Next Gen report, penned by gaming legend Ian Livingstone and visual effects expert Alex Hope, asked the government to focus on honing students' programming skills instead of teaching them about business software.

"The Government recognises that learning the skills to use ICT effectively and acquiring the knowledge of the underpinning computer science are two different (albeit complementary) subjects," said the Department for Culture, Media and Sport in a statement.

"Futhermore, the Government recognises that the current ICT programme is insufficiently rigorous and in need of reform," it added.