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UK Government Releases New Cyber Security Policy

The UK government has released its cyber security policy which allows the country's intelligence agencies a greater role in protecting the public and private sector.

According to an article (opens in new tab) on The Register, the policy, released by the Cabinet Office on Friday, details the manner in which the government plans to organise law enforcement agencies to share information about cyber attacks and to teach the general public about online security.

Britain's foremost spy agency, the GCHQ, will be working closely with the public and private sector to provide them with the means to protect themselves from online attacks.

But skeptics claim the current strategy has been designed for large scale cyber threats and attacks instead of tackling everyday online threats.

Also, the goverment has assigned more than half the budge for battling cyber threats to UK's intelligence agencies, the MI5, MI6 and GCHQ, so they can beef up their cyber security divisions.

"GCHQ is home to world-class expertise in cyber security. The government will explore ways in which that expertise can more directly benefit economic growth and support the development of the UK cyber-security sector without compromising the agency's core security and intelligence mission," said the government in a statement.