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Warner responds to Arkham City technical issues

Warner Bros. has released a statement to disgruntled gamers about the myriad of glitches, problems and game-crashing errors that have afflicted the PC version of Batman Arkham City.

Fans of the title have been mystified that so many issues could be present, considering developer Rocksteady studios had a full six weeks between the release of the console and PC versions, giving it a fair chunk of time for testing.

Never fear, though: Warner says it is on top of things, having discovered that much of the problems come from buggy DirectX11 integration. Until it's fixed, it's recommended you just turn DX11 off.

“We have received reports of performance issues from players of Batman: Arkham City on PC. After researching the matter, we found that running the game with DX11 is causing the performance issues. We’re working on a title update to address this matter and expect to make it available in the near future," said a community team member on the official forums (opens in new tab).

The very first response beneath this statement seems to encapsulate the feelings of many angry gamers, quite of few of whom deliberately waited for the PC version as they believed features like tessellation - for which DX11 is required - would give them a richer gaming experience.

"I just don’t understand how an issue that impacts every person running DX11 made it past testing. What’s the point of adding DX11 features if they were so lazy not to actually see how it works?"

However, it's not just the PC gamers that have been hit by issues. Warner acknowledged half way through this month that Xbox users were losing their saved games - a problem that still appears to be persisting. Most people requesting an update on the issue simply get an automated response asking them some basic survey questions.

One gamer posting in the lost saves thread on the company's forums revealed the response (opens in new tab) he had received from Warner: "Unfortunately we can only suggest that you start the game again." monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.