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WikiLeaks Postpones Launch of New CMS; Press Conference December 1

WikiLeaks has delayed the launch of its new online system which would have made it easier for defectors to upload confidential information to the website.

According to an article on The Financial Times, the website's electronic content submission system has been offline for more than a year now due to increasing pressure from the US government and other security concerns.

The WikiLeaks team was supposed to unveil the new system today but decided to postpone the launch at the last minute, citing technical difficulties.

"Constructing the system is very complex. Due to the deteriorating state of Internet security which directly impacts the ability of sources to communicate with journalists and human rights activists securely, WikiLeaks has decided to postpone the launch initially scheduled for Monday 28th 2011 in the interest of source protection," the website informed in a Tweet.

The WikiLeaks team also informed that it has planned a press conference for Thursday, December 1 in which it plans to unveil a new phase in its strategy.

The team also hinted that December is going to be a dramatic month for the website.