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AMNews: Linux Mint 12 Lisa, Leaked BlackBerry OS 7 ROM, New UK Cyber Security Policy, Google-Motorola Deal Under EU Scanner

Linux Mint, based on Ubuntu, released their newest version - Version 12 Lisa. The latest version is the biggest ever departure from Ubuntu. Till the version Linux Mint 10 the operating system was not much different from the parent operating system (Ubuntu), but as soon as Ubuntu changed itself to Unity desktop with the version Ubuntu 11.04 Linux Mint also chose a different path and got hooked to Gnome 2.

A BlackBerry OS 7 ROM, destined for the Bold 9900, has been leaked online. The ROM gives insights into the enhancements that RIM is looking to provide in the latest edition of OS 7. Features include Wi-Fi hotspot capabilities, emergency alert messages feature and the ability to make calls over a Wi-Fi connection.

The UK government has released its cyber security policy which allows the country's intelligence agencies a greater role in protecting the public and private sector. The policy, released by the Cabinet Office on Friday, details the manner in which the government plans to organise law enforcement agencies to share information about cyber attacks and to teach the general public about online security.

WikiLeaks has delayed the launch of its new online system which would have made it easier for defectors to upload confidential information to the website. The website's electronic content submission system has been offline for more than a year now due to increasing pressure from the US government and other security concerns.

The European Commission, on Monday, disclosed that Google is trying to seek European Union's regulatory clearance for the planned acquisition of handset maker Motorola Mobility Holdings. In August, Google revealed its $ 12.5 billion deal for boosting their patent portfolio which was seen as a defensive act against rivals like Apple.

Ravi Mandalia

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