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Criminals Duping Cyber Monday Shoppers Through UPS Phishing Scam

Hackers are targeting Cyber Monday shoppers with a new email based phishing scam, which claims that their UPS package has not been delivered.

Even as law enforcement agencies work towards preventing hackers from exploiting the online consumers' anticipation to cash in on lucrative deals, there are many who may be tricked by this latest phishing campaign.

Antispam software maker Cloudmark reported in a blog post that the ‘UPS package not delivered scam' has been progressing since the start of November, and saw a massive rise over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The company said that users are being targeted with spam emails which pretend to be from UPS, having a ‘'. Users are informed that their shipment has not been delivered and are asked to go to a URL to track their shipment.

"The from address is faked so that it appears to come from the domain Many of the images are copied from legitimate UPS emails and many of the links go to the legitimate UPS site. However, clicking on the call-to-action link that says 'Track your shipment now' will take the unsuspecting consumer to a website that can infect the computer with a virus", the company warned.