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Facebook Apologises for Merck KGaA/Merck & Co. Blooper

Facebook finally accepted and apologised for mistakenly allowing US based Merck & Co to gain control over the Facebook page of the German drug making company Merck KGaA.

The social-networking giant blamed "administrative error" for this mishap and website's spokesman said, "We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused."

This apology came after the German company Merck requested a New York City court to pursue Facebook to give an explanation regarding how this company lost its rights of the URL on this widely used social-networking website.

Last week, German Merck via filing alleged that the company's Facebook page is being "misappropriated". However, the same filing also clarified that the company is not sure how this happened or who is responsible for this, reported The Wall Street Journal.

The filing also added that Facebook in restoring the page "has not been cooperative" and in many alleged communications it appeared that Facebook was nonresponsive or even evasive with the German company.

Merck's spokeswoman said that the company is investigating into the matter and on the other hand the US company's spokesman stated that no matter whatever happens with the address, the Facebook page of the company will remain accessible for the users.

The spokesman said, "Our Facebook page is not going away."