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Hackers Prey on Unsuspecting Facebook Users

Users of Facebook have been warned against an extremely clever Facebook scam which steals login information and financial details.

UK based security company Sophos explained that users receive a fake email pretending to be from Facebook accusing them of harassing other Facebook users online. The email demands that users submit their credentials for authentication or risk having their account deleted within 24 hours.

The attack has been highly successful as it mimics the way Facebook actually deals with people who have violated its terms of use, reports (opens in new tab) MSN ninenews .

The email redirects users to a fake Facebook account authentication web page, which asks them to enter their login details and some parts of their credit card number. Hackers use the stolen logion details to spread the attack to the friends of people whose accounts have been hacked.

"The emails are entirely bogus. They are not coming from Facebook. Social media venues would not request financial information, nor would they request login details. With the credit card information, fraudsters can conduct identity theft and other malicious financial activity,'' Sophos warned users.

Users who have fallen prey to the scam are advised to change their login credentials as soon as possible and get in touch with their credit card company.