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Hitachi and Sony Manufacturing 4-Inch Displays for iPhone 5

Many iPhone users have been hoping for some time that Apple would up the size of its paltry 3.5-inch displays, and now reports emanating from the supply chain seem to point towards a larger display for the iPhone 5, set to arrive in 2012.

According to a Japanese technology website (opens in new tab), two major suppliers, Hitachi and Sony, are working on 4-inch LCD displays for the future Apple device. The supply chain sources point out that the first shipments of the mysterious device running on iOS have already gone out, with the new displays integrating (opens in new tab)IGZO (indium, gallium, zinc) technology and offering a pixel density of 330 dots per inch.

Analysts believe that competitors like Samsung with the Galaxy Nexus, Galaxy Note and HTC with the Sensation XL all with significantly larger screens, are pushing Apple to rethink the design of its iPhone, in order to keep up with the multimedia experiences being offered on smartphones.

At the same time, some users have found handsets of 4.5, 5 inches and more to be rather cumbersome and bulky; so perhaps 4 inches will hit the sweet spot in terms of smartphone screen size, especially for those who also have a tablet.

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