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iPads to be Offered to Cruise Ship Passengers

Apple's tablet is gaining popularity throughout the world and even beyond, with a recent report revealing that even astronauts and cosmonauts on the International Space Station are using iPads.

Closer to the ground, pilots and flight attendants rely on iPads to work more efficiently, as do doctors and teachers.

Now Apple's iPad is hitting the seas, as cruise operator Royal Caribbean recently decided to hand out the tablets to its highly pampered customers, DigitalTrends (opens in new tab) reports.

Royal Caribbean announced that early next year all cabins on its Splendour of the Seas liner will be equipped with iPads, and in the next two years this service will be extended to five more luxury cruise ships.

The passengers will be able to use the iPads to get the latest news or updates regarding scheduled onboard events, or access any other information related to their trip, such as, study menus or find out about the next ports to be visited.

In addition, passengers will be able to take the iPad with them anywhere onboard to watch a movie, surf the web or communicate.

Customers are certainly being spoilt by the Royal Caribbean, though there are some concerned voices who wonder whether it might spoil the experience of travelling, should the passengers spend all their time glued to the device.

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