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iPhone 4S helps Apple Curtail Android's Lead in UK Smartphone Market

Last month, Apple managed to achieve an impressive 42.8% of all UK smartphone sales; even though it was only introduced during the middle of the month, there is no doubt that Apple's flagship iPhone 4S was responsible for this result.

Apple's star device, managed to outsell the competition in just half the time, as Android smartphones only accounted for 35% of October sales. Kantar Worldpanel ComTech, a market research firm, published the study (via GigaOm) which also reveals Apple's market share increased for the first time since Nov 2010, by 2.8%, now reaching 27.8%.

Apple's growth adversely affected the Android platform, which declined from a 49.9% market share to 46%. The new hierarchy when it comes to British users' preferences in smartphone OS shows Android as the leader followed now by Apple, with Research in Motion and their BlackBerry smartphones declining in reputation down to third position.

The study also pointed out that iPhone 4S buyers were mostly die hard Apple fans who weren't discouraged by the latest rumors relating to iPhone 4S' shortcomings. 75% of iPhone 4S owners had upgraded from a previous iPhone, 14% of them ditching their iPhone 4 for the next generation iPhone.

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