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iPhone Causes Panic after Self Combusting on an Aeroplane

Recently, an iPhone 4 or 4S was the culprit for an emergency situation that arose on an Australian plane. Witnesses described how the iPhone seemed to self combust, glowing red and then starting to emit "significant amounts of dense smoke" as the plane had just landed at Sydney airport, The Register reports.

According to the news service of the Regional Express Airline, the flight attendants immediately extinguished the iPhone and no passenger was hurt during the incident. There is still no information related to what caused the iPhone to combust, and from pictures that surfaced from the unpleasant incident, it is still unclear if it was an iPhone 4 or iPhone 4S.

The pictures revealed that the black plastic was burned on the lower right hand side and the glass cracked in the same spot. There is some speculation it may be battery related. Apparently, this is not the first time that an iPhone has gone ballistic for no perceivable reason.

Two years ago, more than a dozen of iPhones suddenly shattered/exploded. Most of the cases took place in France, though not all of them. At the time, a Belgian iPhone owner described how the display went suddenly black and he heard a small explosion inside the device while he was holding the iPhone. There was no explanation of the incident, but Apple offered to replace the device.

We'll wait to see whether a comment is forthcoming regarding this latest incident.

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