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Motorola Mobility Launches MotoActv Device; Promote Physical Fitness

Motorola Mobility has launched its MotoActv device in the UK, which will be available from December 1.

The device is a wearable performance tracker and music player that allows users to keep track of their fitness regime and listen to their favorite music while working out, according to a press release by the company.

The company said that when users sync the device with their PC, they will be able to see which type of music increased performance, among other things.

MotoActv allows users to keep track of their training performance over extended periods of time, set goals for themselves and even set-up workout competitions with friends using

The device comes with a easy-to-navigate touch screen which makes it easier for users to launch workouts and browse through their play list.

MotoActv will be available in the UK from December 1 with fitness retailer Sweatshop.

"We are thrilled to announce that Sweatshop are partnering with Motorola Mobility to bring MOTOACTV to our UK customers," said Nick Pearson, managing director of Sweatshop UK.

"This is the most exciting product in the sports device market for years, and Sweatshop will help our customers get the most from it. We believe MOTOACTV can deliver real benefits to the training of our customers, whether you're an experienced marathon runner or somebody looking to get fit," he added.