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Nokia Lumia 800 Handset Trying to Find a Place in Smartphone Market

Nokia's new Lumia handset has yet to make its mark in the smartphone market. And while nothing can be said about its future at this time, the company's declaration regarding an "excellent" UK launch has at least impressed Deutsche Bank.

Today, the institutional investor predicted that "Nokia will reach the bank's estimate that total 2 million Lumia smartphones will be shipped in the fourth quarter of current the year."

But Bernstein Research and Pacific Crest's estimation is just 500,000 shipped, which is four times lower than the estimate by Deutsche Bank, as reported (opens in new tab) by Know Your Mobile.

Analyst at Bernstein Research, Pierre Ferrago, commented that Nokia's latest release Lumia phones are very expensive and lack innovation, according to a report (opens in new tab) from BGR.

In a recent UK promotional campaign, a free Xbox when signing up for a Lumia 800 contract seems to be making the Deutsche Bank predictions a reality.

The Windows Phone Mango based Lumia 800 is operating on one of the most impressive platforms on the market and is gaining in popularity. Besides, the operating system, the build, its design and high performance are other decisive factors that might work in this smartphone's favour.