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Samsung Readies Cedar Trail Netbook

The first Samsung Netbook based on the Cedar Trail platform has been listed in the UK by UK tech reseller Ballicom (as well as seven other UK retailers including Oyyy).

The laptop known as the N102S, is currently out of stock and is set to go on sale soonish for £196.50 + VAT.

At the heart of the N102S is the Atom N2100 which is likely to be based on a Cedar View-M core, making it significantly more powerful than the current Atom range, especially if there's a bump in its clock speed.

Other features of the netbook include 1GB RAM (shared memory), 320GB hard disk drive, webcam, Bluetooth, a 3-cell battery, a 10.1-inch 1280x800 pixel screen and Microsoft Windows 7 Starter.

Samsung was rumoured to be considering exiting the Netbook market according to a French tech website which quoted an email sent by the Korean company to a number of its retail partners.

It claims that the company is looking to realign its strategy to tackle the more lucrative ultrabook market, where the promise of cut-throat competition almost certainly means there will be a repeat of what happened with the Netbook a few years ago.

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