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Samsung trademarks Galaxy Sleek brand name

Samsung has registered a new trademark for the name 'Galaxy Sleek', hinting at a new line-up of devices set to land some time in 2012.

Filed on 23rd November, the trademark covers “telephones, smartphones, mobile phones and tablet computers” - so there's plenty of scope for what the Galaxy Sleek brand could bring. While there's no real information about any potential products yet, we can of course speculate.

Dictionary definitions of 'Sleek' include:

1. Smooth and shiny; polished
2. Polished in speech or behaviour; unctuous
3. (of an animal or bird) having a shiny healthy coat or feathers
4. (of a person) having a prosperous appearance

If it's taken literally, we could be looking at a very polished looking device - it seems unlikely that the next generation of Samsung's Galaxy electronics will come with a nice coat of feathers.

Some sites are claiming that this filing makes it sound as if Samsung's Sleek devices will be incredibly thin, but it seems to us like we might be looking at a device that bears no traditional, physical buttons. This could be a touchscreen-only device, which would certainly have a sleek surface and look to it with no ridges or indents.

Samsung has made no official announcement about any device(s), but it's thought that the Sleek line-up could be a sequel to the Galaxy Nexus, due for release in the US on 8th December. monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.