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Sub £210 Asus Cedar Trail N2600 Netbook Surfaces

Asus looks set to offer a series of netbooks based on the soon-to-be-announced Intel Cedar View-M processor, with one, based on the Atom N2600, called the X101CH.

The product has been listed at Lambda-tek for just under £210 and will be available in black. Not much is known about the product except that like the Samsung N102S, it will come with 1GB RAM (shared with video), a webcam, 320GB onboard storage, a 10.1-inch 1280x800 pixel display, Windows 7 Starter and possibly a few USB ports.

A white version of the device is also available for a slight premium and Asus will also deliver another version - the 1025CE - with a more powerful Intel Atom N2800 CPU, Bluetooth and what it calls "Smart Cam" for £273, around 30 per cent more expensive.

Both the X101 and the 1025 are part of the popular Eee Pad family and have been showcased at this year's Computex in Taipei back in June.

There has been rumours that manufacturers could well desert the traditional netbook market for the more lucrative ultrabook one, but the early signs point to a revival of that segment, at least until the first ARM-based netbooks come to market.

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