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Third-Gen Apple TV Soon to Be Released?

The third-generation Apple TV is all set for release.

This information was confirmed by the details spotted in iOS 5.1 developer beta released yesterday.

According to sources and reports, the codename of the new version is J33, a step away from a "general identifier number" which indicates that a commercial launch is on its way, as reported by 9 to 5 Mac.

At present, there are few details as to the latest iOS beta features that will be available to customers, however. For the time being, the present model is basically a super-compact set-top box limited to 720p HD. It runs on Apple's A4 1 GHz single-core chipset, the same used in iPad as well as iPhone 4.

The third-gen version will probably have an Apple A5 dual-core similar to iPhone 4S and iPad 2. In fact, most predictably, Apple may also provide access to App Store via Apple TV.

Also rumours of a full-sized Apple TV powered by iOS and featuring Siri technology is also floating around. This project is said to be one of the final projects of Steve Jobs at Apple Inc.