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Twitter buys Android security developer Whisper Systems

Twitter has bought Android security company Whisper Systems, a developer which has put together encryption services for texting, calling and backup as well as network and data security products.

In an announcement on the Whisper Systems website, the company was "looking forward to bringing our technology and our expertise into Twitter's products and services". How the Android security firm will integrate its applications with the social network remains to be seen, but it has said that during a "transition period", current services would briefly lose functionality.

It seems likely that Twitter will use Whisper System's know-how to develop a well protected tweeting app for the platform. Whether this is necessary, however, remains to be seen. The announcement of the buyout comes just days after Google's open-source product manager said mobile security firms were "likely as not to be scammers and charlatans".

The announcement ended with Whisper Systems offering thanks to those that "beta tested our software, sent us encouraging emails filed thoughtful bug reports, and in general kept us going with your enthusiasm and support." monitors all leading technology stories and rounds them up to help you save time hunting them down.