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21 Billion Videos Viewed on Youtube Each Month

A recent report revealed that YouTube is responsible for about 21 billion videos viewed during a month.

In the month of October, the Google-owned YouTube again topped the list of destinations for online video consumption outnumbering the rest combined by a "factor of four" as per the latest comScore data.

After YouTube, Facebook is where users watched 346 million videos followed by Vevo with around 827 million videos, then Microsoft with 661 million, Viacom with 540 million, and Yahoo with 551 million. in ninth place is Hulu, the very popular destination for TV programs and for subscriber VOD services, Hulu Plus, with 791 million video views. Tenth place went to Turner Digital, as reported by Home Media Magazine.

YouTube tracked the biggest number of unique viewers, around 161 million, which is almost three times more than Facebook with 59 million viewers. In this category, Hulu along with Hulu Plus had 29 million unique viewers.

The most interesting fact in the report is that an average YouTube user views 424 minutes of video which is double the number of minutes a viewer spends on Hulu.