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Virgin Media Provides Spotify App with TiVo Service

Virgin Media has launched the Spotify app for its TiVo service.

The app, accessible from the Apps and Games section of TiVo, allows users to stream music directly to their TV sets.

Under the deal between Virgin Media and Spotify, TiVo users will receive access to Spotify Premium for six months. Users will be able to stream unlimited music to their TV sets from the 13 million song library without interruption from ads, as reported (opens in new tab) by PC Advisor.

After this six months period, users that want to continue with the premium Spotify service will have to pay the standard £9.99 per month, which will be billed to their broadband account.

Virgin Media said the service, available for new and existing users, also allows Virgin mobile users to access their play lists from their smartphone to stream music.

"The world of digital entertainment is continually changing and we're always looking at ways we can bring our customers the best entertainment for their whole families," said Cindy Rose, executive director of digital entertainment, Virgin Media.

"Our goal to deliver a truly unique experience for our customers and we're really excited about bringing Spotify to our TiVo service as part of our ongoing initiatives to develop the platform further with new features, applications and content," she added.