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YouTube Strikes Deal with Walt Disney for Online Movie Rentals

YouTube tied up with Walt Disney Studios recently to provide consumers a number of movies from Disney, DreamWorks Studios and Disney Pixar. YouTube's movie channel is already offering a huge number of movies by leading Hollywood studios for rent.

This new move will help YouTube become more TV friendly and consumers will be enjoying many more movies without stepping out of their homes.

Popular Disney movies like the complete series of "Pirates of the Caribbean", "Alice in Wonderland" also "Cars" & "Cars 2" will be included in YouTube's movie channel.

In fact, this is not all; YouTube is planning to change the user interface through retooling their homepage to make it more like a TV guide as reported by Google Operating System and

Google Operating System blog and are offering instructions regarding how to acquire the latest YouTube homepage with one cookie.

Google is hoping that YouTube becomes the prime and leading source of content for users of Google TV. Wiktor Gworek and Bartosz Leper, Google TV software engineers, commented "If you have your own channel, you can now add videos to it from your Google TV."

To extend a helping hand, Google, recently, retooled YouTube website according to Google TV "Honeycomb" upgrade in order to turn it more social with a few TV guide like features.