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£100 Million to Boost Broadband in Ten UK Cities

The UK government has allotted £100 million to enhance broadband coverage in 10 cities in the UK.

In his Autumn Statement, UK Chancellor George Osborne revealed that the government plans to pump £5 billion in improving Britain's infrastructure like roads, railways and broadband networks.

Osborne said that the £100 million funding will be used to enhance broadband coverage in 10 UK cities including London, Belfast, Edinburgh and Cardiff. The remaining 6 cities that would be getting the broadband boost will be announced later.

"For the first time we are identifying over 500 infrastructure projects we want to see built over the next decade and beyond. Roads, railways, airport capacity, power stations, waste facilities, broadband networks," the chancellor said in a statement to the House of Commons reports BBC News.

"It means creating new superfast digital networks for companies across our country. These do not exist today. See what countries like China or Brazil are building, and you'll also see why we risk falling behind the rest of the world," he said.

Osborne also announced in his Autumn Statement that the government plans a major drive to open public sector data to the private sector and individuals to fuel the growth and development of UK's economy.