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Agari Analytics Software Reduces Spamming and Phishing Scams

Microsoft, Google, Yahoo and AOL have joined hands with Agari, a start-up that makes software to keep spam and phishing messages away from user inboxes.

Agari stated that some of the world's biggest email service providers had joined its Agari Email Trust Fabric platform.

The company explained that companies provide data which it analyses over a cloud based system to determine a pattern for scam and phishing emails, which is then used to protect user inboxes from nefarious messages, as reported (opens in new tab) by CNET.

With Google and the rest of the gang joining its platform, the company has access to more than one billion email inboxes around the world. Agari claims to protect 50 percent of consumer email traffic in the United States.

"The AGARI Email Trust Fabric transforms email by bringing together the world's largest global brands, mail carriers, and technology providers to collectively work together to protect brands and consumers from fraud and phishing," said Patrick Peterson, CEO, AGARI.

"Our platform is a catalyst for change and, with the help of our partners and customers, provides access to data analytics and controls that were inconceivable a few years ago," he added.