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Android Dominant Mobile OS in US with 42.8% Market Share in Q3

On Tuesday, Nielsen reported that Android once again became the dominant mobile operating system among mobile subscribers in United States in the third quarter. Apple remains the largest smartphone maker in the country, however.

According to the report, Android OS in the third quarter had 42.8 percent of the entire smartphone market.

Interestingly, HTC smartphone powered by Android operating system captured 15 percent of the total smartphone market, whereas Samsung phones with Android had 10.1 percent share in the market, according to the Nielsen Blog.

Apple, on the other hand, was far ahead than any other Android maker in the third quarter with 28.3 percent of the total market share. Research in Motion (RIM), manufacturer of BlackBerry, secured second position with 17.8 percent share.

Together, iPhone and Android users occupied 71 percent of the entire smartphone market. In a 30-day span, these two groups downloaded almost 83 percent of all mobile apps.

Nielsen surveyed 22,200 mobile subscribers in US. The survey also revealed that at present 44 percent of all mobile phone users in the United Stated have smartphones.